Our School’s Design

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mission of legacy college prep school

Our School’s Model

We believe that all can excel at high levels – achieving proficiency on state assessments, scoring competitively on college entrance exams, and earning acceptance to four-year colleges and universities.

Our school model is driven by three core beliefs:

  1. Rigorous instruction prepares scholars to attend and graduate from college.
  2. Values-based character development supports scholars in school and in life.
  3. Ambitious goals drive college readiness and the pursuit of professional aspirations.

These beliefs directly inform our vision and all elements of our school design.

Rigorous Academics

In order for our scholars to access and graduate from the college or university of their choice, we must ensure that they acquire the necessary foundational knowledge and skills throughout middle school and high school that prepare them for the rigors of a college curriculum.

We believe that literacy is the backbone of success and that a scholar’s ability to excel in all other subjects hinges upon the ability to read on grade level. In all grades, scholars have time during the week devoted to independent reading and receive support from teachers and advisors in selecting books that challenge their reading levels.

At the middle school, we provide 100 instructional minutes daily in math and ELA to ensure students have high rates of proficiency in the foundational skills. Our instruction pushes critical thinking and conceptual understanding of the content. In 8th grade, scholars can begin taking High School Regents courses. At the high school, scholars can begin taking Advanced Placement courses in 10th grade, and at some point will have access to 10 different options for Advanced Placement courses.

Values Based Character Development

To prepare scholars for the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities of school and life, we ensure that scholars build successful habits and cultivate a set of values that affirm their own self-worth. Beginning in sixth grade, scholars learn, practice, celebrate, and come to embody their Legacy “PRIDE” – Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Engagement. These values are infused into daily lessons, weekly advisory time, and communication between staff, scholars, and families. Additionally, we teach all scholars study skills, organizational strategies, and time management tools to ensure that eighth grade scholars are high school-ready and high school seniors are college-ready.

Pursuit of Ambitious Goals

In all grades, we teach and support scholars with setting ambitious academic, behavioral, organizational, and cultural goals. These goals are driven by the most ambitious goal of all – college graduation and life success. Legacy College Prep scholars know that college graduation is the goal from the first day of school. All decisions – instructional and operational – are driven by the mission to prepare all students to attend and graduate from college. Our walls are lined with the banners and flags of colleges and universities from across the country. Each advisory homeroom is named after a four-year university.

We frequently communicate with scholars and their families about is required for them to be prepared for high school, and then college. We take scholars and their families on college visits to show them what college will look like. In high school, scholars take a college seminar course every year to teach them the habits of a successful college student. The Senior Seminar course is designed to help scholars determine which schools are a best fit for them and then navigate the college application process. Finally, to support our alumni in the years after high school, our Alumni Coordinator will provide resources to ensure that scholars are successful after they graduate from Legacy.  

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