Curriculum Offerings – High School

High School Curriculum Offerings

At Legacy College Prep High School our goal is for scholars to earn Regents or Advanced Regents Diplomas.

In 9th Grade scholars take:

  • English I
  • Composition I
  • Algebra I OR Geometry
  • Living Environment OR Chemistry
  • Global History and Geography Part I
  • Spanish I
  • Health
  • Freshman Seminar
  • In 10th Grade scholars take:
  • English II OR Pre-AP English
  • Algebra II OR Geometry
  • Physics OR Chemistry
  • Global History and Geography Part II
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish II
  • Sophomore Seminar

In 11th Grade scholars take:

  • English III OR AP English Literature
  • College Algebra OR Precalculus
  • Physics, Forensic Science, OR AP Chemistry
  • US History and Government OR AP US History
  • Physical Education
  • Junior Seminar

In 12th Grade scholars take:

  • English IV OR AP English Language
  • Calculus, Statistics, OR Business Math
  • Economics OR AP World History
  • Earth Science OR AP Biology
  • Visual Art
  • Senior Seminar

    This year we offer the following elective courses:

    • Psychology
    • Social Psychology
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Business Entrepreneurship
    • Hip Hop: The Transformation
    • Pilates
    • Creative Writing
    • Theater
    • Journalism
    • Coding and Games
    • Pre-AP Computer Science
    • Spanish III
    • Spanish IV

    College Preparation is Our MISSION!

    Scholars have the opportunity to enroll in the following AP courses:

    • AP Psychology – 10th and 11th grade
    • AP Spanish – 12th grade
    • AP Computer Science – 10th and 11th grade
    • AP English Literature – 11th grade
    • AP English Language and Composition – 12th grade
    • AP US History – 11th grade
    • AP World History – 12th grade
    • AP Chemistry – 11th grade
    • AP Biology – 12th grade
    • AP Calculus – 12th grade

    Junior and Senior year, scholars can leave campus to take college courses at a local community college.

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