Curriculum Offerings

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Curriculum Offerings

Middle School

At Legacy College Prep Middle School all scholars have

  • 100 minutes of English Language Arts
  • 100 minutes of Mathematics
  • Science and History every day
  • Electives
    • Physical Education
    • Computer Science
    • Theater

Our 8th grade scholars have the opportunity to take Regents courses

  • Algebra I
  • Living Environment

All scholars also take an Intervention course Monday-Thursday to support reading and math growth.

High School

At Legacy College Prep High School our goal is for scholars to earn Regents or Advanced Regents Diplomas.

In 9th Grade scholars take:

  • English I
  • Composition I
  • Algebra I OR Geometry
  • Living Environment OR Chemistry
  • Global History and Geography Part I
  • Spanish I
  • Health
  • Freshman Seminar

In 10th Grade scholars take:

  • English II OR Pre-AP English
  • Algebra II OR Geometry
  • Physics OR Chemistry
  • Global History and Geography Part II
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish II
  • Sophomore Seminar

In 11th Grade scholars take:

  • English III OR AP English Literature
  • College Algebra OR Precalculus
  • Physics, Forensic Science, OR AP Chemistry
  • US History and Government OR AP US History
  • Physical Education
  • Junior Seminar

In 12th Grade scholars take:

  • English IV OR AP English Language
  • Calculus, Statistics, OR Business Math
  • Economics OR AP World History
  • Earth Science OR AP Biology
  • Visual Art
  • Senior Seminar

This year we offer the following elective courses:

  • Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Hip Hop: The Transformation
  • Pilates
  • Creative Writing
  • Theater
  • Journalism
  • Coding and Games
  • Pre-AP Computer Science
  • Spanish III
  • Spanish IV

College Preparation is Our MISSION!

Scholars have the opportunity to enroll in the following AP courses:

  • AP Psychology – 10th and 11th grade
  • AP Spanish – 12th grade
  • AP Computer Science – 10th and 11th grade
  • AP English Literature – 11th grade
  • AP English Language and Composition – 12th grade
  • AP US History – 11th grade
  • AP World History – 12th grade
  • AP Chemistry – 11th grade
  • AP Biology – 12th grade
  • AP Calculus – 12th grade

Junior and Senior year, scholars can leave campus to take college courses at a local community college.

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