6th Grade Team 

Ms. Montano

6th Grade History Teacher | Williams Advisory 

Hometown: Los Mina, Dominican Republic

Undergraduate University: City College of New York

Graduate University: Hunter College


“I work at Legacy College Prep because it is a space full of love. We come in everyday as a community and work hard to reach our best selves. Our building is one of laughter. I enjoy coming into work everyday and knowing that no matter what I will be supported and pushed to be the best version of myself. “

Ms. Siegel

6th Grade ELA Teacher | Williams Advisory 

Hometown: Hanover, New Hampshire

Undergraduate University: Tulane University

Graduate University: Tulane University

 Email: Asiegel@legacycollegeprep.org

“I enjoy working with like minded people who have similar goals for our students. The fact that all of my coworkers enjoy being at work every day is what makes this environment a place that I want to be. “

Ms. Brantley

6th Grade ELA Teacher Assistant  | Howard Advisory


Undergraduate University: 

Undergraduate Degree:

Email: BBrantley@legacycollegeprep.org


Ms. Williamson

6th Grade Science  Teacher | Buffalo Advisory

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Undergraduate University: Mercy College

Undergraduate Degree:B.S. in Biology

Email: LWilliamson@legacycollegeprep.org

“I joined the Legacy College Prep team because of the mission and the structure instilled in the school. Middle school is a crucial time period because it has a huge impact on the path a scholar will choose. Being a part of a team that is setting the foundation this early on brings me great pleasure. Legacy College Prep will turn 25 into 250..”

Ms. Peralta

6th Grade SPED Teacher | MIT Advisory

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Undergraduate University: Northeastern Illinois University

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Inner City Studies

Graduate University: University of Hawaii at Manoa – Master of Education in Educational Psychology

Email: Cperalta@legacycollegeprep.org

“I work at Legacy College Prep because I believe in our team. I am surrounded by teachers that care deeply about our students, students that are invested in their education, and parents that want the very best for their families. I’m inspired by the passion of all these groups of people, working together, every single day.”

Ms. Tineo

6th Grade ELA Teacher | Howard Advisory

Hometown:Washington Heights, New York

Undergraduate University:City College of New York

Undergraduate Degree:Education/ Social Welfare

Email: MTineo@legacycollegeprep.org

“I joined the Legacy College Prep team because I believe with the proper education, any child can successful and grow up to become future leaders. .”

Mr. Rivera

6th and 7th Grade  Physical Education Teacher | Amherst Advisor 

Hometown:Brooklyn NY

Undergraduate University: Bellevue University

Undergraduate Degree:B.S. in Biology

Email: Rrivera@legacycollegeprep.org

“I join the Legacy team because I want to inspire, motivate, and guide young scholar in the right direction to success..”

Ms. Marion

6th Grade Math Teacher | Buffalo Advisory | Associate Dean of Culture 

Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC

Undergraduate University: Allen University

Undergraduate Degree: Mathematics

Email: SMarion@legacycollegeprep.org

“I work at Legacy College Prep to give back to my community. At 9 years old, my family moved to the South Bronx so I went to public school in the same area in which I serve. I appreciate the opportunity of being a positive influence to children that are just like me.”

Ms. Marquez

6th Grade Math Teacher | Amherst Advisory


Undergraduate University:

Undergraduate Degree:

Email: BMarquez@legacycollegeprep.org


Ms. Kubota

6th Grade SPED Math Teacher | Buffalo Advisory

Hometown:Lima, Perú

Undergraduate University:College of Mount Saint Vincent

Undergraduate Degree:B.A. in Spanish with a concentration in Dual-Education


“I joined Legacy College Prep because they recognize that students from the Bronx have to fight through the statistics in order to reach success. They provide rigorous instruction and specific support to all students to ensure college graduation. Scholars here are seen as more than just a number, they are global citizens capable of independent thinking and unlimited success, they are leaders.”

Mr. Mendez

6th and 7th Grade Computer Science Teacher| MIT Advisory 

Hometown: Jackson Heights, NY

Undergraduate University: Stony Brook University

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science Technological Systems Management, Concentration in Information Systems and Geology

Email: Rmendez@legacycollegeprep.org  

“I enjoy working at Legacy College Prep because our school culture is very immersive and it creates an environment where the scholars are happy to be at this school while receiving a rigorous education.”

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